Stonebrook receives national press.

The financial media is beginning to take notice: Stonebrook Risk Solutions is disrupting the healthcare market with an incredible array of strategic partnerships including RenalogicGuardian LifeRxBenefits, Inc.WellfleetReliance StandardMphasisMaxor National Pharmacy Services, LLCHSA Bank, a division of Webster Bank, N.A.Woodruff SawyerStarLineLaguna HealthLiberty Mutual InsuranceTokio Marine HCC, and Nayya. We’re also working with Health Plan Alliance and Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) to further extend our reach.

Strategic Partners:

Accolade Brings Personalized Healthcare Navigation to Stonebook Members

Stonebrook Risk Solutions and Laguna Health share an ambitious mission — improving patient outcomes while simultaneously lowering costs.

Maxor National Pharmacy Services and Stonebrook Risk Solutions partner to provide innovative pharmacy solutions to regional health plans

Steve Ring, VP, Reliance Standard, discusses how partnering with Stonebrook will have a major impact on the cost and quality of health and insurance.

Stonebrook Risk Solutions partners with Mphasis to build a disruptive digital platform.

Mark Masson shares his thinking behind Renalogic’s strategic investment in Stonebrook Risk.

Lincoln May, Head of Strategic Relationships at Wellfleet, a Berkshire Hathaway company, serves evolving customer needs with Stonebrook Risk.

Bend Financial enters into a long-term partnership with Stonebrook Risk Solutions to make HSA’s simpler and easier.

Woodruff Sawyer VP and Partner Chris Kakel discusses partnering with Stonebrook Risk to disrupt the national insurance healthcare landscape.

RxBenefit’s Cory Easton is taking on pharmaceutical costs and investing in Stonebrook Risk to help.

Adam Feltes of Guardian Life and Stonebrook are reimagining customer acquisition and customer service.

Building A Nationwide
Service Area

Allowing multi-state employers to have access to local hospitals and doctors that their employees know, for more cost-effective insurance and better outcomes.

A Network of Regional
Health Plans and Hospitals

Stonebrook is creating the first nationwide network of best-in-class Regional Health Plans in adjacent, non-competing markets.

In Conjunction With Strategic Partners

Well-known companies are investing in our infrastructure so we can bring new options to employers nationwide.

Stonebrook Total
Value Analytics

Our proprietary digital platform allows consistent, optimal pricing across insurance products and markets.

The New Standard in National Healthcare

Stonebrook is building an integrated national health plan as an alternative to BlueCross, United, Cigna, and Aetna (BUCA), offering employers, brokers, and consultants a higher quality option at a lower cost.

Currently, regional health plans, disease and care management companies, pharmacy and other point solutions offer superior care with better pricing than the national plans but lack the ability to integrate into a cohesive ecosystem that can innovate and scale.

Stonebrook is developing a digital technology platform that will disrupt the BUCAs by allowing best-in-class providers to join a network via API and combine their services into more compelling offerings for employers. These programs will be enhanced with advanced analytics and data visualization to maximize their competitiveness.

A Key Growth Opportunity

We clean, synthesize, and analyze the resulting data using a proprietary algorithm and provide the analysis to our strategic partner underwriters and carriers. They ultimately rate the combined network of Regional Plans and price an Employer Stop Loss (ESL) policy and a fully-insured program.

It’s a demanding process but it allows Regional Health Plans to sell multi-state ESL plans and fully insured plans to new employers, which they are currently are unable to provide and expand their platforms, a key growth opportunity.

Together, the Stonebrook-enabled and RHP-driven health insurance product can generate significant savings and improve outcomes for middle-market employers, both near term and long term, because we are investing in the analytics needed to optimize at a national scale.

Benefits for Single-State, Regional Health Plans and Hospitals

RHPs have traditionally provided better solutions and outcomes at lower costs than the national providers. They’re nimble and creative, with programs that are closely aligned with community values, and more efficient.

Stonebrook’s Total Value Analytics Platform provides a framework for the best RHPs to operate independently as part of a national network with underwritten pricing that meets employer requirements. This allows a wide range of RHP programs to compete on their merits for larger accounts they were previously excluded from, tremendously increasing their potential market.

Benefits for Multi-State, Self-Insured Employers

Regional Health Plans deliver better options and outcomes for employees while saving up to 15% over the big national plans. Employees vastly prefer Regional Health Plans because the programs offered are more closely aligned with their needs. SBR’s Total Value Analytics Platform allows even the most innovative programs at Regional Health Plans to be underwritten so that they can compete head-to-head with multi-state plans while still retaining the quality of service that makes them so desirable in the first place.

More Information

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