Maxor National Pharmacy Services and Stonebrook Risk Solutions partner to provide innovative pharmacy solutions to regional health plans

Maxor National Pharmacy Services (Maxor) is on a mission to transform the pharmacy industry. The Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) industry has historically been driven by several large incumbents that are slow to innovate. Maxor has an unrelenting focus on putting the member experience first, and they leverage expert insights, unmatched service, and advanced technology to further innovation by listening to members, patients, providers, and partners on how to change the way pharmacy care is delivered.

Similarly, Stonebrook Risk is creating a network of best-in-class regional health plans to provide an alternative to the large corporate healthcare conglomerates. Stonebrook understands the needs of mid-market employers and is aligning risk among multiple non-competing regional plans to help expand their geographic reach and offer their services to a wider range of clients.

Both companies are driving towards innovation that ultimately leads to better outcomes and lower costs and a partnership between the two makes perfect sense.  As Kevin Krakowski, Senior Vice President of Sales at MaxorPlus, explains, “The idea of a regional health plan dealing with the competitive pressures they feel from their largest competitors is sort of the exact situation that we’re in right now”

A Partnership Aligned in Principle

Both Maxor and Stonebrook realized quickly that they were philosophically aligned on managing member health and providing a higher level of service than their competitors. Regional Health Plans are often faced with limited options from the large PBMs. As David Wheeler, the Chief Financial Officer at Maxor points out, “Right now, regional health plans have a problem with their drug spend management when they are dealing with the big three PBMs. They are only being offered chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and they really need heavy customization for their region. They are dealing with different population management issues, and they need a partner who can actually align with them and customize an approach to what they do.”

Regional health plans understand their populations on a deeper level and have the knowledge to offer programs that can drive meaningful outcomes for specific disease states. But according to Kevin, “if your big three partner won’t or can’t deliver on the solutions, it’s problematic. Healthcare is a local business. Maxor has the ability to be flexible with formulary design, programmatic design, and utilization management. We can help regional health plans accomplish what they want, the way they want it done, not the way they are told it should be done.”

Moving Healthcare Forward

While Maxor offers Stonebrook clients flexibility in pharmacy programs, Stonebrook can provide Maxor with rich analytical capabilities. “We are always looking at how we can work with others to get a 360-degree view of our member’s total health and where we can integrate that data to help physicians make more informed decisions to keep people healthy,” says Kevin. Clinical data is “the currency of healthcare” and Maxor intends to take advantage of what Stonebrook can offer to move forward, quicker.

The Stonebrook partnership also provides an opportunity for Maxor to grow in the health plan space. They currently manage a million lives with health plans, TPAs, health systems, and employers. The mid-market health plan offers another channel where Maxor can deliver the flexibility and service-driven innovation currently lacking in the market.

Real-Time Data Drives Outcomes

The combination of services that Maxor and Stonebrook will deliver provides a better solution than what’s available from the other “off-the-shelf” providers. Large PBMs often lack interconnectivity, whereas Maxor’s systems are designed to connect directly to electronic medical records (EMR).  Stonebrook clients could enhance employee population management by giving physicians real-time information in the EMR such as how quickly can a patient get a drug, did they pick up the prescription, etc. That information can impact how a physician treats a patient and drive timely interventions that positively influence patient outcomes and quality of life.

Innovation, Transformation, Better Care

Maxor and Stonebrook are both committed to disrupting the industry to provide better, member-driven solutions. Together, they will give mid-market employers and health plans more options and flexibility to provide better patient care at lower costs.